July 17, 2018

The idea of drinking before dinner started from the Prohibition Era. People would host’cocktail hours’ at their houses or attend’happy hours’ at speakeasy’s until they’d go to dinner at which no alcohol may be served. The expression was not widely used by the public until it appeared in a 1959 Saturday Evening Post post about army life.
Happy hours are nearly universally anticipated by any establishment’s patrons to be part of its daily offering. Some joyful hours are better than others. Here are 5 characteristics to identify when evaluating an establishment’s offerings.
1. Ambience - Evaluate your surroundings. Is this place for you? Do you feel comfortable there? Is your light right? Does the pub seem nice? Can you access it easily? Does it feel too crowded? Basically, this characteristic has to do with all the vibe or feelings you get from the establishment. This also can ascertain what friends of yours may or may not like it.
2. Bartender/Service - This one can be divided into two separate classes but for the intention of this article it will go hand in hand. Is the bartender careful to the customers? Can they make eye contact? Do they provide information regarding the happy hour specials? Are they appreciative of your company? Whenever your drink is all but vacant, do they notice and give you a fresh one? Happy Hours in dubai how crowded a institution gets during happy hour the bartender should always be aware of their service. The good ones do since this is when they could make the most money.
3. Food - As mentioned before, food was offered during happy hour for a means to slow down the amount of alcohol consumed and the rate at which it is consumed. Are the offerings mini versions of the main menu to offer you a flavor of the menu to lure you to stay for supper? Are the special components honest? When it’s a buffet, does the buffet stay stuffed the entire time? Are there any distinctive dishes provided?