July 17, 2018

I phoned my buddy, also called Lisa, who lives in Houston, Texas. Hurricane Harvey’s devastation hadn’t just hit Houston, the fourth largest city in the United States, but many communities in the Gulf Coast region. According to my friend, who lives on the north side of Houston where they got no flooding except for those who had been near a river or big body of water, the worst of the rain is finished. People are leaving shelters scattered thought-out Harris County, where Houston is located.
From the 6.5 million people in the greater Houston region only about 1.5 million lost electricity and most all the water is drinkable. No need for ice hockey, a valuable commodity, for many of us in Charleston who experienced the wrath of Hurricane Hugo. Unlike Houston, Hurricane Hugo, also a category 4 storm, was an immediate strike and as a result we not only acquired the flood but also substantial winds. However, no one can deny that the Houston area experienced the worst flooding in its history, with some areas getting as much as 50 inches of rainfall. And because Hurricane Harvey’s devastation was widespread, it will take years for the area to recoup from this natural catastrophe.
https://먹튀보안관.com/ , Lisa, who’s originally from Charleston, understands about hurricanes and the emotional roller coaster they bring; the anxiety before the storm of not even understanding exactly what will take place, the storm itself, the flooding and wake when the storm has passed. No doubt, you too, no matter where you call home, are aware of the horrible situation the residents of the Gulf Coast region, north of Brownsville, Texas, are now experiencing. Lives have been lost, people displaced and the doubt of what’s ahead. It is one thing to see the news over and over and be reminded of this devastation and the anguish. But to just absorb the information without behaving when we can assist can be paralyzing and emotionally harmful.
Animals as well require assistance and assistance. You might also need to check out Charity Navigator to further ensure your contributions are helping those in need.